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Welcome to Mark Snell's Home Page!

Usually known on the 'net as Kram Llens

This Page will probably be continually Under Construction for the rest of my life.

Me: Well, I'm just this guy, you know... To find out more about me you can go and see my list or read my resume. I'm now inspired to put up some of my creative stuff. I'm writing a blog, written with Drumknott. Come back soon. I'll also do a life line, basically a chronology of my life that makes some sense of the photo gallery.

Friends: You could go and visit some of my friends who have Web pages, or pop in and look at the photo gallery.

Interests: I like many things to do with computers. I enjoy pulling them apart and rebuilding them, I use Linux more and more. I like first person games to relive the stress of the day at work. You can read more about my links with Doom & Team TNT, but lately I've been playing Unreal Tournament and Soldier of Fortune. I'm a member of the System Administrators Guild of Australia, SAGE-AU. I also have this thing I call a Learning List, which is a list of the various things I want to learn.

Work: I work for the RMIT IT Test Lab, a division of RMIT Training Ltd which is the commercial Training & Consultancy arm of RMIT University, who's web page I wont link to because it is too ugly.
I also have my own Web Design, Hosting and IT Consultancy business, called GeekZone

This is a bunch of the sites I visit often:
Finding Stuff:
Adelaide Bank
Macquarie Bank
TD Waterhouse
Daily reading
slashdot.org UserFriendly ABC News
OneLook Dictionary
White Pages
Yellow Pages
Street Directory
Whatis Encyclopedia
Melbourne Weather
Weather Wall
Baggygreen.com.au (Cricket)

If you wish, you can mail me at mark.snell@rmit.edu.au

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