Through the wonders of Javascript, we will now pop open a ridiculous number of windows that you should look at every day.

A peek at the code will reveal some painfully self explanatory lines like this :'', 'foo', 'location,toolbar,menubar,status,scrollbars');

in other words'URL','window_name','features');

The features argument controls which tool/menu bars there are, leaving it out or putting nothing in the ''s will give you one of those unsettling windows with just a title bar and the webpage, thus stripping all control from the unsuspecting user. If you then put no links on the page it opens you can really bugger them, muahahaha. I'm pretty sure this is how you have your Netscape set, but if you want the personal toolbar as well put 'directories' in there... You could also set 'width = xx' and 'height = xx', and even put in the world 'resizable' if you don't like the width and height you set, but I reckon if you start with your browser maximised it should all be dandy. I couldn't find an 'all' option, there probably is one but there's no need to make things that easy.

Don't forget to give a unique name to each window (ie, the second argument) or everything will try to open in the same window :)